The Division of Molecular Immunology was established in 1997 at the University Hospital of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. In the same year, Hans-Martin Jäck, Ph.D. and Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Loyola University Chicago Medical Center, was appointed to head the Division. The Division of Molecular Immunology is an independent research unit within the Department of Internal Medicine III (Medizinische Klinik III, Director: Dr.med. Joachim Kalden, Professor of Medicine) at the University Hospital. Previous to its move in the newly founded Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Zentrum, the Division occupied laboratory space in the Schwabachanlage 10 in Erlangen.

The Division of Molecular Immunology consists currently of two research groups (Prof. Jäck and Dr. Mielenz), both of which work on molecular aspects of B cell development in health and disease. The activities of the Division focus on immunological and clinical research with emphasis on the development of antibody-producing B cells in health and disease. The Division is also committed to provide an excellent and stimulating training environment for graduate and medical students. Members of the Division participate in teaching of students enrolled in the Biology Graduate Program of the School of Basic Sciences II (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät II) as well as in the Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine at the Medical School.